Saturday, May 30, 2015


Tee - 14th and Union | Pants - H&M (Similar) | Shoes - Calvin Klein | Bag - Zara (Similar) | Necklace - F21
This outfit is my new fave ! The heels and the cropped pants give a classic and chic vibe. The tee makes the look more casual and laid back. It's a great spring/summer outfit, as the pants aren't too heavy. They're great for warm weather !
These striped pants are from H&M's brand L.O.G.G. I hadn't really tried it much before these. It is a great brand with good quality items. The pants are very soft and extremely comfortable. They are cropped, which I didn't think I would like, but now I do. They could be dressed up, like in this outfit, or down with some Converse. They kind of remind me of boat pants, which also makes them more perfect for summer !
I'm obsessed with these heels ! They are super comfortable and the wider heel makes them fairly easy to walk in. On one part if the heel there is a lovely gold detail that matches the buckle on the side. I think the details like this is one of the things that makes me like them so much ! They are very versatile shoes that I think I'll be wearing quite often. (I actually got them from DSW, but they are Calvin Klein.)
For this outfit I did my everyday makeup (watch video here) and put my hair up in a kind of "man bun."

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