Saturday, August 29, 2015


Tee - Target | Shorts - H&M | Belt - F21 | Jacket - Garage (Similar) | Shoes - H&M


This post is titled "Classic" for two reason. Number on: the shorts, belted, and paired with a tee seems to be becoming my classic look. Number two: I finally acquired some classic white sneakers ! I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and affordable. I'm so glad I found them; they are definitely the perfect pair of white sneakers. I especially love the brown accents. They look so chic !
The rest of my outfit is pretty casual, just some shorts and a tee. I also threw on my grey jacket for a little bit of warmth.
For my rings I have my (broken :/) stone ring and two stacking rings.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Striped Tee - F21  | Blouse - F21 (Similar) | Shorts - H&M | Belt - F21 | Converse  | Bag - Zara (Similar) | Rings - F21

This was my favorite outfit I wore in NYC ! The items from Forever 21 (besides the belt) I picked up while I was. I went to the location in Times Square. It was so nice inside !
This is a great outfit for a hot day, but you might be going to a cold building. We were going to an art museum that day and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be too cold. (And I wanted to wear my new purchases !)
I wore the sheer blouse over a bralet and tucked it in. With a relatively monochrome outfit like this, wrapping a colorful jacket/outerwear around your waist can make it more interesting !
I also brought along my Zara bag to hold a few things, as we were walking around all day.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Tee - Brandy Melville | Shorts - H&M | Belt - F21 | Bralet - VS | Boots - H&M (Similar) | Rings - F21
Tees and these shorts are my new favorite combination ! These are the most comfortable shorts I've ever owned. I probably could've gotten them in a size smaller but I decided on this size. With a belt, they stay up fine. I don't think a belt is necessary for this outfit. However, it can add some more structure to your look.
This Brandy tee is one of my new faves ! I picked it up while in New York. Before going to the store, I didn't realize how much  I like the brand ! I'll definitely be buying more items in the future !
Converse would've gone well with this outfit as well, but I opted for my chelsea boots instead. (I've been wearing my converse a bit too much lately!)
For accessories, I put on my silver and gold ring set from Forever 21 and my glasses. This is a casual outfit, so I kept my jewelry to a minimum.