Sunday, March 22, 2015


Shirt - F21 | Jeans - F21 | Converse | Necklace - F21 | Sports Bra - Nike
This is definitely on of my favorite new combinations! I bought a lot of new items recently including these high waisted jeans and this shirt. I was in need of some casual blouse-like shirts for spring (everything else I have is a t shirt!)
The shirt reminds me of mix of a dad going bowling and Harry Styles, which are basically my main fashion inspirations. It was warm that day, so I went for my converse instead of boots.
I chose my sports bra so it could be a sort of bralet. I wanted to be able to button the shirt really low. I only had the front tucked in,
And of course I did my man bun because it's basically the only style I ever do!

Friday, March 13, 2015


Tee - Old Navy | Skirt - ASOS | Coat - F21 | Boots - Missguided | Rings - H&M and Rue 21
I call this look: "accepting my schoolgirl aesthetic." I love everything to do with plaid skirts, knee highs and ankle boots. (basically anything Blair wore on Gossip Girl!) Therefore this is a pretty classic look for me. Since it's been warmer lately, I decided against tights, but I still brought my duster. I was glad I did, since it ended up being a bit rainy and cold. Also, wearing a long coat might help you get way with something that's a little bit under dress code!
My new boots from Missguided arrived! I'm so happy with them. They look beautiful and I've gotten lots of compliments. This was my first time ordering from them , but I had heard good things. They arrived according the shipping described on their website and in perfect condition!
My nail polish is Formula X in 'Monumental.' 

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Here is a look at my ring collection and how I like to wear my rings!
To start off, here are some simple stacking rings. I usually mix gold and silver and have some on all or most of my fingers. To add some dynamic, I'll wear some midi and some regular rings. A few are more intricate, with engraving along the outside. These are also good to mix with plainer rings. I'll usually wear some of these if nothing else! 
These are my statement rings! They are bigger and bolder! I think they can also be a bit fancier. I usually add one of these to my basic rings if my outfit or occasion is a bit nicer. Once again, I might mix metals, since I think gold and silver look fine together. I have some that are bendable. I like this kind of ring a lot because my fingers are very thin, so I often find it difficult to find rings that fit.
I like this ring because it gives a sort of boho or summery vibe. It is simple and elegant!
(from Rue 21)
This is probably my largest ring. It is one of my favorites, though. It is fool's gold, and was a little pricey but I use it often. It actually fits my finger well adds some sparkle to my outfits!
(from a boutique)
Another of my favorite rings! This one is just very unique and interesting!
(from H&M)
I wear this one quite often when going out for a nice dinner or to the theatre. My only problem would be that some of the silver has come off the bottom of the rings.
(from H&M)
These are some more stacking rings, but they are a bit more intricate. They all have some lovely engraving and/or added colors. I also wear these day to day.
(from H&M and Urban Outfitters)

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Coat - H&M | Tee - F21 | Jeans - F21 | Scarf - Charming Charlie's | Necklaces - Etsy & Lily Fair Jewelry | Boots - H&M
Finally a good scarf! I think at least one warm scarf is a wardrobe staple. I don't generally wear scarves for looks, I wear them to keep out the cold! (it has been VERY cold lately!) Pairing it with a coat and boots helped as well.
Since the scarf has a nice pattern, I kept the rest of my outfit quite simple. I threw on one of my fave combos of a grey tee and my indigo jeans. These aren't my favorite pair of jeans, but I couldn't resist the price. I have another pair in grey, and just ordered some in black. Forever 21 is great for cheap wardrobe staples.
My hair was straight, but day old. I kept my make up simple as well, but adding a bold lip color could take this outfit to another level!