Sunday, September 13, 2015

F A L L !

Tee - H&M (Similar) | Jeans - F21 | Nikes | Sunglasses - Boutique (Similar)


It finally feels like fall ! Today was the first cool day we've had in a while so I was able to wear my fave jeans without sweating ! I think fall is the best season for fashion. Who else can't wait to layer?
So this is a pretty simple look. Lately I have been loving sneakers (especially athletic ones) with jeans and skirts. These Nikes are perfect for that ! Everything besides the sole is monochrome, which I love. I tried to add a bit more of an "athletic" element with my striped tee.
For the colors, I did navy and black. They are some of my favorite colors and I think they look great together (contrary to popular belief.) Also, they are some great colors for fall.
If it's already pretty chilly where you are, you could add some socks and an over-sized denim jacket. To dress this look up a bit, you could add a long coat and some jewelry.

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